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Just…. so many things wrong with this post. I don’t even know where to start. But as a sampler:

  • the number of these “coat hanger abortions” is blown out of proportion with regularity by abortion advocates- Dr. Bernard Nathanson, a former abortionist, admitted to making up statistics of deaths by back-alley abortions.
  • In fact the number of deaths by illegal abortions (as reported by the Centers for Disease Control) in 1972, the year before abortion was legalized, was only 39.
  • Former Planned Parenthood president Mary Calderone stated in 1960, “The conference estimated that 90 percent of all illegal abortions are presently being done by physicians.”(emphasis mine) (sources cited here)
  • Unborn babies are not “like the [cells] that come off your feet and body.” Those dead skin cells will never be anything other than dead skin cells. Unborn babies are living, growing human beings. Your dead skin cells still carry your DNA. Unborn babies have a completely different DNA, their own organs (otherwise the mother would, for a time, have two brains, four lungs, two hearts, etc.).
  • "…or save a woman who might end up curing a life-threatening disease?" Yeah, like the female who is growing inside her mother’s womb? 

Stop the spread of lies about abortion. Stop painting it as some great achievement for women. Stop pretending that cutting off the uniquely feminine ability to carry and nourish a brand-new life is pro-woman.

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Remember IT IS NOT A WOMAN’S RESPONSIBILITY TO PREVENT RAPE. In the world we live in, however, women should be empowered with any tools in order to protect themselves. Source for more facts follow NowYouKno


wow look at those 3 white men who invented them perpetuating rape culture

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Janet Jackson’s ex husband James DeBarge (1984-1985) credits Michael with stopping him from committing suicide back then.

Michael is a hero :)

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